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Welcome to RallyCross! No experience necessary, no rally car required!
A RallyCross is an event generally held on unpaved, flat dirt, gravel, or grass areas with a course consisting of straight sections and connecting turns or corners. If you are familiar with Solo II / AutoCross, RallyCross is basically "autocross on the dirt." This is a great way to learn to handle your car on lose terrain under controlled conditions, and to enjoy the thrill of competing off-road. Courses emphasize driver skill more than outright speed. One car navigates the course at a time for a series of runs combined for a total score. Speeds are limited by the course, and your street vehicle along with seatbelts and a helmet (we've got loaners!) are all that is required.

News and Announcements
2007 Schedule
SFR RallyCross has no events scheduled for 2007. Both California Rally Series and Formula RallyX have scheduled 2007 Championship series with several Northern California events. For up to date CRS scheduling, please visit SouthWest RallyX HQ.

2006 awards have arrived and will be mailed out. If you have not emailed your postal address to Skylar, please do.

Congratulations to the 2006 SFR RallyCross Series champions!

2006 SFR SCCA RallyCross Campionship Final Standings

Rally Modified 4WD Rally Modified 2WD
1st Place Peter Cowan 1st Place Mark Anton
2nd Place Marek Gorecki 2nd Place Jan Blixen
3rd Place Martin Broenkow 3rd Place Micheal Malsed
Rally Prepared 4WD Rally Prepared 2WD
1st Place An Nguyen 1st Place David Haight
2nd Place Ansel White 2nd Place Paul Wertenberger
3rd Place Skylar Stein 3rd Place Micheal Malsed
Rally Stock 4WD Rally Stock 2WD
1st Place Brent Blakely 1st Place Jerry Shaha
2nd Place Jim Spohr 2nd Place Rocky Calabrese
3rd Place Alex Rademacher 3rd Place Burney Storms

SFR RallyCross 'brings it home' from the 2005 SCCA RallyCross National Challenge in Hastings, NE. Marek Gorecki takes 1st in Rally Modified 4WD, Peter Cowan takes 2nd in Rally Modified 4WD, and Mark Anton takes 1st in Rally Modified 2WD. Congratulations!

Check out the November 2005 issue of Sports Car International magazine for coverage of SFR SCCA RallyCross!

Rally School Trains New Racers and Volunteers
By John Dillon. Proving the continued popularity of rallying in California, a pair of CRS-organized, SCCA-sanctioned rally schools recently taught 118 students the techniques and excitement that is American rally. Continued...

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